Liz Peters

Liz Peters is a stylist living in New York City. She specializes in stills styling with a particular love of soft goods. She can't resist colorful prints and thoughtful details that make a piece unique. 

She was born in Minneapolis where she gained a love for art and craft within a community atmosphere. She received her Bachelors degree in Fiber Arts and Art History at the Kansas City Institute in Missouri where she focused on print design and traditional crafts including knitting, quilting, and other hand sewing crafts. She moved to New York in 2011.

Liz has a great love for all things old, including 1950s novelty printed clothing, antique poodle figurines, and kitschy velvet paintings. She loves to find the story in something unique and bring life into things often tossed to the side. She loves to knit on a daily basis, spend time with her husband and two cats, and has recently added decorating cupcakes to her list of weekly activities.